Ballina Gym Open 24/7

Flexible training 24-hours, 7 days a week - train on your own terms!

At Riverside we pride ourselves on our quality equipment

We have brands including Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Synergy, Cybex. It is serviced regularly and cleaned multiple times each day.

Specialised free-weights area

Come in and inspect our free-weights area which includes our Life Fitness Hammer Strength Leg Press & Smith Machine, Cybex Hack Squat and & our Double Squat Rack + dumbells from 5 kg up to 60 kg.

Enjoy our view from all of our cardio equipment, enjoy our extensive range of pin-weighted equipment. Our open space includes a dedicated area for stretching. 

Rehab & Injury Prevention

We are all about injury prevention but also have a huge focus on rehabilitation after surgery or an accident at work or otherwise. We have Lauren Nagorka as well as Mark Roberts (and colleagues) from Revolution Fitness.

We provide a wide variety of small and large rollers, resistance bands in many sizes, encumbered bikes, as well as elliptical and arc trainers for those weak backs, knees and hips.

Mobility & Stretching Space

Do you love to roll out and stretch before and after your workout? We have the space and equipment here for you including a dedicated stretching cage with detailed instructions.

We have seen the increased awareness from our more mature members knowing the importance of mobility, stability and resistance training to retain their bone density.

Specialised Booty Building Equipment

It’s all about the booty right now! We have everything you need to build your glutes! See below for photos and a complete rundown of our specialised booty building equipment!

Specialised Booty Building Equipment

Resistance bands aka “Booty Bands” – we have long and short sizes with different resistance levels.

Our members love them to activate muscles before their glute sesh and use them for banded hip thrusts, leg curls, squats hyper extensions, good mornings and leg press.

Essential to get that extra burn!

We have a Verve Hip Trust Free weights Machine that you can buckle up and add what weight required for resistance of your choice.

Smith Machine for squats, Romanian deadlifts, Smith Machine hip thrust.

Cybex Arc Trainer to add “booty” and cardio together.

Life Fitness Single Glute Kick-back resistance Machine.

Arc Trainer

The Cybex Arc Trainer is a stationary glute machine that works out your lower body. When using it, you stand upright on its footplates and balance yourself with the moving arm bars. This is a dynamic exercise machine with plenty of adjustable options

Series Glute

The Life Fitness Insignia Series Glute features a diverging hip and chest pad angle, which minimizes lower back stress and helps maintain proper alignment. The machine is designed to activate your glutes without putting the strain of your body weight on your knees and ankles. It trains glutes through a more isolated movement.

Bumper Plates

Wider in diameter then standard plates, you can comfortably get into position and the plates naturally serve as an elevated loading pin so you can add extra weight easily.

When performing deadlifts the extra elevation from the ground is great for people with limited hip flexion mobility or if they can’t get into the deadlift position without rounding their lower back.

Brands & Popular Equipment

Our most popular pieces of equipment include the Hammer Strength leg press and Life Fitness Smith Machine. Our Life Fitness Jungle Gym gives members plenty of cable options. The Synergy pin-loaded machines and Cybex cardio machines are set up to make sure you can take in our water views! We also have a huge range of dumbells – up to 60 kg’s.

See our Google Maps Tour video

Our location, gym layout and equipment


Our community love about our gym!

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"We are spending 8 days in Ballina and this is the only gym we will train at. Friendly staff and really nice members. Not to mention the great view whilst getting your cardio done! I’m a fitness professional and I highly recommend this gym it has everything you need and the trainers are willing to help."
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SuziGym Member
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"I've been a member at Riverside for the past few years & feel as though I am part of a family! The staff are not only incredibly helpful & friendly but respectful of any needs. I am currently using the infrared sauna for my torn ACL and have had great results. It aids in the circulation of blood flow and wound healing, helps reduce inflammation and much much more. Great on those cold winter mornings - to clear the mind with a workout or a sauna treatment. Highly recommended!"
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"Nice gym with friendly staff and patrons, good equipment with a view.
Well priced casual visit with no lock-ins and easy payment.
Highly recommended."
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"Great gym, very friendly and welcoming staff!
Wide variety and selection of machines, weights and classes to suit everyone!
Very reasonably priced, air conditioned and an awesome view of the river from the cardio equipment! What more could you ask for!"
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"I've been going to Riverside for a few years now and love it! Angela and staff are always super friendly and very helpful with everything. The view is spectacular, and I wouldn't ever think to go anywhere else for a workout. I highly recommend getting a membership there!"
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"Cardio and weights with an amazing view of the Richmond River. We signed up for a casual visit with Riverside 24/7 fitness for our staycation in Ballina/Byron. My partner and I gym daily. 24/7 offered us all the equipment, weights we needed and more. Both the staff and members were very friendly and made us feel very welcome in their fitness family community. Thank you! We will be back again!"
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