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Experience our energising Group Fitness Classes – see below for our wide variety of classes! No matter what your body type, fitness or co-ordination level Riverside 24/7 Fitness has a class to suit you.

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Spin/Tabata/Abs Combo Class


Stretch & Balance



Class Timetable

Group Class FAQ

We answer booking, membership, Fitness Passport questions and more!

Members: All Riverside Gold Memberships (Gym-Class unlimited) can participate in all classes – book into classes HERE.
Non-members: please visit our main gym (10/2 Moon St) to purchase class passes with your ID during Covid restriction times only – or ph: 66 86 7544

All Fitness Passport holders will need to be registered with Riverside 24/7 Fitness before you can book online – please visit our main gym on Moon Street during business hours.

Once registered you will still need to scan your card on the Fitness Passport iPad provided before every class.

After the maximum amount of members per class has been reached there will be a waitlist of 3 members – and as members remove themselves from a class the waitlisted members will be notified via email to confirm their spot.

If you are on a waitlist for a 6 am class, please check your email at 5 am as 9 times out of 10 you will get a spot.

Click on the tick inside the timetable of your own browser window (when you are logged in) and go to the bottom of the page and on the left-hand side press the ‘remove’ button and press ‘Ok’ in the pop-up window that appears.

You can remove yourself from a class up to an hour before a class – if it is within the hour before the class please ring reception so members waiting can be notified by staff – ph: 66 86 7544

If you are not a member and wish to purchase a single session or a 10 visit pass, they are $16 each or $140 for 10. Please see our staff located at reception in the main gym (10/2 Moon St) or call 66 867 544 (This is only during Covid restrictions – otherwise you can purchase online).

Our weekly memberships include:

Gym/Classes starting at $27.50 pw, (Stud/Pens) or $32.50 pw otherwise.

Or 3 months upfront, no admin fees, for $390.

*Note: there are gym-only prices also available, ph: 66 86 7544

There is allocated parking behind 185 River Street – off Moon street and Winton Lane, the parking that says ‘No Parking’ is actually for Riverside members.

  1. Check-in with your QR code
  2. Sanitise on arrival
  3. Swipe your Fitness Passport or Riverside Membership tag at front desk
  4. Always bring your own towel and water bottle
  5. Practice social distancing, 1.5 meters apart
  6. Clean all equipment as instructed by your trainers with wipes and disinfectant provided
  7. Check-out of your NSW App (with your QR code)
  8. Sanitise on your way out

Meet our Instructors

All of instructors are serious about getting you the best results possible! Combined, our team would have over 100 years of experience between them!


Spin/Power-bar/Combo/Functional Strength











A our signature Group Fitness Classes

We have a huge range of group fitness classes all in an environment where you will be supported to achieve your best, stay motivated and meet new friends!


Spin is an indoor riding experience – no coordination required! Your spin instructor will lead you through a series of self-choreographed rides to inspirational music, incorporating fitness and strength drills as you move through different riding positions, intensities and speeds.

Spin will improve your cardio fitness, burn a stack of calories and sculpt you a set of perfect legs! Anyone can participate and benefit from participating in this class!

Instructors: Leanne, Michelle, Jane


Pilates is a workout designed to optimise your muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. Pilates classes encompass a total body conditioning method that simultaneously strengthens and stretches your entire body.

Pilates will help you increase your abdominal, hip and back strength, improve your posture and help reduce daily stress and tension.

Instructors: TBA


Powerbar is a barbell class designed to improve strength and endurance in your major muscle groups. Powerbar strengthens and tones your entire body by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, bench press, and bicep curls performed to motivating music. You instructor choreographs your classes each week with new music and choreography to keep you inspired and challenged.

Instructors: Leanne


Yoga is a class which focuses on movements which enhance a healthy spine, correct posture and body awareness as well as relieve effects of chronic stress, bringing the mind to a focused state to bring harmony into your daily life. This class is predominantly slow-paced and gentle and provides a good introduction to basic Yoga poses which aid to strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and calm your mind.

Instructors: Chara

Spin/Tabata/Abs Combo Class​

This combo class is a great way to get a taste of a few different classes. It combines high-intensity Tabata strength training with spin to give you a full-body, fat-burning workout. Abs will help with your core stabilisers at the end with a good stretch.

Instructor: Michelle

Stretch & Balance

A combination of stretching, movement & mobility to improve your posture and balance, help reduce the risk of injury and increase body awareness.

Instructor: Michelle


Tabata is a higher intensity interval class. After a full dynamic warm up, the class is in sets of four minutes high-intensity intervals, alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds. These workouts are fast-paced and fun while building functional strength and burning up tons of calories.

Instructor: Grace


Boxpad is a physical workout that incorporates boxing and aerobic drills based on the training methods boxers engage in to stay super fit.

A typical class will involve hitting pads, punching bags, skipping, pushups, sit-ups, jogging, etc. This class offers people with little to no boxing skills to experience the benefits from the fitness the sport can bring.

You will be educated on punching techniques and footwork and improve your punching power, hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and leave feeling powerful!

Instructor: Sugam

Our Riverside Family

Our instructors and members love to have a bit fun during their classes - there is always some sort of shenanigans going on!

More about our newest Group Fitness Class instructors...


Bringing extensive training in India and over 18 years of teaching experience to Riverside, Joanne teaches yoga in its purest form, integrating a deep asana practice in a reflective and healing 60-minute journey.

Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with an emphasis on seated postures held for longer periods of time and working with gravity to move deeper into each pose. This class offers a reflective, meditative experience to cultivate inner peace and stillness.

Dynamic Yoga is an athletic yoga style with a focus on fluid movement and more dynamic postures. This class incorporates a slow-flowing sequence with an emphasis on alignment and the union of the mind, body and spirit through a moving meditation.


Jane moved to Ballina 11 years ago where she was encouraged to attend a spin class and was hooked! She then obtained her Certificate of Completion by Body Training Solutions to become a Group Ride Instructor.

What Jane loves about Group Ride/Spin is that it is for all levels of fitness, great cardio workout that burns calories and builds great legs whilst working out to energetic music.

Come along and join the Spin Junkies for fun, fitness and friendship!