Personal Trainer - Aden


Contact Aden: 

Ph: 0422 305 311

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @aden_pett or Contact Aden here via Facebook

Aden is an Enthusiastic trainer that has a passion for fitness and health, he likes to take a holistic approach when working with clients, helping them optimise all aspects of their lifestyle that contribute to achieving their goals, dialling in training, nutrition, sleep and recovery ensuring they reach their full potential – leaving no stone unturned.


Aden has a background in endurance running and a solid base of knowledge around running biomechanics, technique, injury prevention and running based goal programming.


Aden specialises in: 

* Weight loss transformations

* Increasing strength and muscle mass

* Increasing cardiovascular fitness

* Running coaching (specialising in long-distance)

* Online coaching (personalised training programs + accountability)



* Cert III & IV in Fitness

* Currently completing Diploma of Nutrition

* 1-on-1 Personal Training – gym + outdoor

* Outdoor + indoor group sessionse

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